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Development History

Development History

Dr. Fuzhai Cui was intrigued by the structure of ivory, pearl, bone and teeth. The common things among these are that they are all nature’s mineralized tissue. In studying the micro-level and nano-level structure of these mineralized tissues, it inspired him to invent a bio-mimetic bone graft to help better meet surgeons’ bone grafting needs in orthopedic surgeries versus currently marketed calcium-based products.

The synthetic bone graft was invented in Dr. Cui’s lab and commercialized under the trade name, BonGoldTM. This novel synthetic bone graft is unique due to its microstructure, composition, and how it resembles the human bone matrix. This is demonstrated below:

Schematic Diagram of in vitro Collagen Mineralization of BonGoldTM

  1. Helix structure of the collagen molecules in the acid collagen solution
  2. Chelating of collagen and calcium ion
  3. Collagen with the calcium ion assembly for collagen micro fiber
  4. Formation of amorphous calcium phosphate in micro fiber hole area and surface
  5. Amorphous calcium phosphate ACP into crystal and gradually mature form mineralization collagen micro fiber(the C axis’s orientation of nano hydroxyapatite paralleled with collagen fibrils)
  6. Mineralization of collagen micro fiber assembly for collagen fiber.