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BonGold™™ Mineralized Collagen Scaffold

BonGold™ mineralized collagen scaffold bone graft is a synthetic bi-phasic composite resembling human cancellous bone in both composition and microstructure. The inorganic component of bone, hydroxyapatite, is embedded within a woven network of collagen fibers. This advanced bone graft is designed to be resorbed and replaced with new bone.

The BonGold™ bone graft represents a new class of synthetic biomaterials designed for optimized handling during procedures. Together with superior moldability and excellent handling properties, BonGold™ graft’s composition and structure is designed to benefit both the surgeon and the patient during the course of healing.

The BonGold™ matrix is 80 percent porous, which helps optimize delivery of bone marrow aspirate and other biologic factors crucial to the healing process.

  • Resorption
    • The BonGold™ bi-phasic bone graft scaffold is resorbed and replaced by new bone
    • Designed to resorb at a rate similar to bone’s natural regeneration rate.
  • BonGold™

  • Handling
    • Excellent handling properties offered to the surgeons at the surgical site.
  • Moldability
    • Superior moldability of BonGold™ fills the targeted site more completely while maintaining its shape during implantation
  • Bone Regeneration
    • Porous structure enables biological fluids to penetrate the matrix to initiate healing