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The Power of Orthobiologics in Orthopaedic Care

BonGoldBone Graft is a synthetic scaffold composed of hydroxyapatite and collagen that provides a conducive core environment for bone growth. When hydrated with patient bone marrow aspirate (BMA), BonGoldbecomes a complete bone graft possessing all the necessary components for bone growth:

    • Osteoconductive scaffold
    • Osteoinductive growth factors
  • Osteoprogenitor stem cells for osteogenesis

Engineered to Perform Like Natural Bone

The composition, pore size and porosity of BonGold will allow for 3-D regeneration of bone as natural bone. The specific pore size in BonGold supplies key benefits:

    • Conductive to nutrient and oxygen infiltration
    • Facilitates revascularization throughout graft
  • Supports replacement of 3-D matrix with new bone growth

Superior Handling Properties

BonGold is designed to have excellent handling properties. After soaking with saline, blood, or BMA, BonActiv can be molded easily with the fingers to fit bone defects or fusion sites. Alternatively, wet BonActiv putty can be injected from a syringe. Fusion Foam is flexible when wet. It is compressible and can be cut to fit any size or shape, as required.

Multiple Applications

BonGold has a wide range of applications, including spine, orthopedic, foot/ankle, joints, and for fusion when filling bone voids left by the removal of tumors and bone cysts. It provides an ideal environment for bone regeneration, enhancing the body’s natural healing processes.

At Allgens Biotek, Inc., we understand the extraordinary potential of BonGold in bone formation. We are focused on product performance and are committed to deliver best-in-class solutions that meet the requirements of surgeons and their patients across a broad range of risk factors, procedures, and hardware choices.

Our comprehensive product portfolio results from years of science-based research and an emphasis on delivering all the key elements for bone formation. Learn more about our BonGoldproducts offerings.