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Letter to Potential Distributors

Topic: To Potential Distributors

From: Larry Bartram, Ph.D., CEO

Greetings! I write to introduce you to Allgens Biotek, Inc. and our orthobiologic platform technology: BonGold™.

We are a clinically-based research company. Allgens™ develops and manufactures innovative biomimetic, synthetic bone grafts for use in regions of compromised cancellous and cortical bone. Ours are the only synthetic bone grafts that truly resemble human bone in both nano-structure and composition. We manufacture both OEM and proprietary brands that we market and distribute globally, The BonGold ™ family of products include BonGold Stix™, Bon-Activ™ Putty, Bon-Aid™ Periosteum Strips and BonGold Fusion Foam™, and as well as the Alligator™ BMA Extractor.

Since our founding, BonGold™ has been used in over 1,000,000 cases in China. Our BonGold™ products are designed to be used in many skeletal applications where they yield significantly improved surgical outcomes. Since our launch in the USA in May, 2016, Allgens Biotek, Inc. products have been evaluated, used, and reused in over 1500 procedures.

Allgens BonGold™ bone graft products offer significant competitive advantages. By design, Allgens BonGold™ becomes bone, strong and durable, at the body’s natural rate. Other bone grafts linger unresorbed, even years later. BonGold™ is incorporated fast and fully—a long-term solution. BonGold™ beats the competition on price, too. In every important respect, BonGold™ products outperform the competition. BonGold™ products offer dramatically reduced prep time in the OR. Healing rates match the body’s natural rate of bone remodeling.

Allgens Biotek, Inc.™ seeks to expand our market penetration in the United States by cultivating a new team of agile, innovative distributors. We offer a competitive commission structure. We have high expectations that our collaboration will yield great success in further penetrating the U.S. market and make a positive difference in the lives of our surgeons & patients.

In support of your efforts, please have a look at our website Download brochures about each of our products. We look forward to working with you and give you our promise to answer any questions promptly and fully. Please contact me or call 908.758.1273 with any questions.

Thank you. Please join us and let’s enjoy great success together!