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Helen Cui

Helen CUI, Ph.D.

Helen Cui was awarded BS, MS and PhD degrees (in Materials Science, Bioengineering and Pharmaceutics) by Beijing Polytechnique University, the University of Illinois at Chicago and the State University of New Jersey, Rutgers, respectively. She joined the Center of Biomaterials of Johnson & Johnson as senior researcher from 1999 to 2011, and conducted research and product development on biomaterials based medical devices covering therapeutic areas of orthopedics, vision care, cardiology and general surgery. She has numerous publications in the peer-reviewed scientific journals in the field of biomaterials and more than 20 international and Chinese patents. She has built the Allgens USA business by delivering sustainable revenue and reaching profit goals in the US market. Her balance of U.S. and international market development experience in medical devices is uniquely suited to leverage Allgens Medical, Inc.